Program Testimonials


“What was the most valuable portion of the conference for you personally?”


“Every single portion of the course was valuable!”

“Being presented by First Responders gave it great credibility, the real value
of the program is you and your team.

The science and research behind the program, it was all very real and relatable. “

“Giving me tools and coping mechanisms to live a
healthy life and being able to bring home actual tools that will help me.”

Thank you card from Jan/2019 Conference-

Division Chief, CAL FIRE

“Your entire class was outstanding. You are shedding light
on such important topics First Responders deal with.  I
especially liked the holistic ways to deal with stress.
Thank you, thank you!!”

-First Responder, Sacramento Area

“I just wanted to tell you how impactful your Family Services session was. I am so grateful to you for starting such a phenomenal program.  Thank you so much for recognizing the need to help your tribe”

– First Responder Wife

“I can honestly say that the retreat was life changing for me. I came in that weekend not really understanding why I would feel or act a certain way after I would get home from work….after having a hard shift. At times I felt like I was the only one feeling this way. After your retreat, I realized that there are reasons why we act the way we do or feel how we do as first responders… and we aren’t crazy.

The neuroscience behind repeated trauma and what goes on in our brain (PTSD) was mind blowing… no pun intended. You made me feel normal. Your speakers made me feel normal. You helped me realize that there are simple techniques like breathing that can help relax us… and it also has so many other benefits.

You made me realize how important self care is and not to be sorry to take care of ourselves for once. I have tools now that will help me be successful in my career and in life.

I loved the retreat and EVERYONE involved. Thanks again for everything!”

– Firefighter & Paramedic  for Novato Fire
& Representative to the California Statewide Behavioral Health Task Force

“This conference helped me wake-up and gave me hope about dealing with PTSD”

-Sonoma County Firefighter

“From start to finish this conference was well thought out, vital and effective!  It left me with hope and inspiration”
Paramedic/Captain, Alameda County

I was able to relate to every aspect of this training…
keeping my nervous system in check, brain function, sleep deprivation, but what was most valuable was the sincerity and passion of your message and  your team’s honesty and background.”

-Paramedic/Firefighter, Sonoma County 



“Listening to the instructors share personal stories made it
easy to relate to. 
 I feel connected.  It’s a comforting feeling
knowing I”m not alone.”

-Battalion Chief, CAL FIRE